ElevatePro USB Desktop Stand



 Aluminium and ABS base Computer Stand with a Grey finish.

Perfectly sized at 55 x 16.8 x 5cm, it raises your monitor to an ergonomic height. Features include a flat plug power supply, 4 USB charging ports, and a removable 1m 50 power cord.


Crafted with a sleek aluminium and ABS base in a stylish grey finish, this stand is not only visually appealing but also designed to enhance your workspace experience.

The ElevatePro USB Desktop Stand also offers a removable 1m 50 power cord, giving you the flexibility to position your setup wherever you desire.

No more limitations on where you can work or how you can arrange your workspace.


With ample storage space, this stand provides a dedicated spot for your keyboard, mouse, and other essential accessories. Keep your workspace organised and maximise your efficiency.

The ElevatePro USB Desktop Stand is packed with features that will revolutionise the way you work.

The 4 USB charging ports allow you to conveniently charge multiple devices simultaneously, keeping your gadgets powered up and ready to go.


  • Base: Aluminium and ABS base
  • Output: 5 V, 4.2 A output
  • Package: Yes
  • Power Supply: Yes
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Weight: (1,38 KG)
  • Color: (Grey)

Approx Size: (55 x 16.8 x 5cm/ 21.65 x 6.61 x 1.97 inches(L x W x H).

  • Power cable length: 146cm/ 57.48inches.


  • 1 x Computer Stand 4 USB Ports.
  • 1 x Power Cable.


  • Flat Plug
  • Power Supply 
  • USB Connection
  • 4 USB Charging Ports
  • Removable 1 m 50 power cord

- Computer stand that raises your monitor to an ergonomic height
- Storage space for your keyboard, mouse and other gadgets

Upgrade your computer setup with the ElevatePro USB Desktop Stand and experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and ergonomic design.

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a more productive and organized workspace. Get yours today and elevate your work to new heights!

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