Wooden Eco-Friendly Desktop Computer-Stand



Wooden Desktop-Computer Stand, the perfect addition to your workspace! Designed to accommodate monitor ranging from 10" to 27" in size.

    Measuring approximately 80cm in size, this stand is designed to enhance your workspace while providing a practical solution for organising your computer setup.

    The portable storage rack allows you to keep your desk clutter-free, while the net weight of 1200g ensures easy transportability.

    This stand (Model Number: 6685) is made from healthy wood, giving it a sleek and natural look.

    Its beautiful wooden-brown colour adds a touch of sophistication to any desk.

    Elevate your monitor from 10" to 27" in size with our stylish and eco-friendly stand, designed with an L-shaped high and low foot structure for optimal stability and ergonomic comfort.


    • Sturdy and durable wooden construction
    • Adjustable size to fit monitor ranging from 10" to 27"
    • Portable and lightweight design for easy storage and transport
    • Application Laptop Size: 10"-20"


      • Model Number: 6685
      • Material: Healthy Wood
      • Color: (Wooden)-(Brown)
      • Approximate Size: (80cm)
      • Acrylic Bracket Portable Storage Rack
      • Net weight: 1200g Gross weight: 1800g


      With a sturdy construction, this stand can support the weight of your computer without any worry.

      Upgrade your workspace with our Wooden Desktop-Computer Stand and enjoy the convenience of a stylish and functional accessory.

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