Qi Wireless Car Phone Holder Charger



Experience wireless charging on the go with our Qi Wireless Car Phone Holder Charger


    This sleek and compact device features auto clamping technology and an infrared sensor for easy one-handed operation.

    With our Qi Wireless Car Phone Holder Charger in refreshing Silver with a back camera you would be able to capture your car front movement while driving.



    • Touch Sensing
    • Round Rotated ball 
    • Convenient wireless charging on the go
    • Auto clamping technology for easy one-handed operation
    • Supports fast charging for Samsung and iPhone models

    With a maximum output power of 10W, it supports fast charging for a wide range of compatible devices, including Samsung and iPhone models.

    With an infrared sensor, this car phone holder charger detects your phone's presence and automatically opens and closes to secure it in place.

    The auto clamping technology ensures a secure grip on your phone, allowing for easy one-handed operation.

    No need to struggle with complicated mounts while driving.

    Experience the freedom of wireless charging wherever you are, whether it's a quick trip to the store or a long road journey.

    Stay connected and powered up effortlessly with this must-have accessory for every car owner. 

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